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Cryptocurrency Overview

An overview on Cryptocurrency Craig reflects back on this year’s obsession with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, following up on July’s episode which features a more in depth discussion with regular podcast guest, Jason Murgatroyd. Beware the crypto craze! Three months ago, Jason and I had an in-depth podcast conversation all about cryptocurrencies. I wanted to have […]

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Attitude to Risk

This week on the Mortgages, Money and More Podcast, Craig is joined by Financial Adviser and regular guest, Jason Murgatroyd to discuss Attitude to Risk: What does this mean and what are the implications? What is attitude to risk? Everybody has a different attitude to risk. It’s essentially how adventurous or cautious you are when […]

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Is Equity release right for me?

Is Equity Release Right For Me? Craig Skelton explores equity release and lifetime mortgages and how well these products can suit different people. A recent study found that six out of 10 homeowners said they would never consider equity release. It’s not surprising, as it was the subject of a great deal of negative press […]

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