Why Use a Financial Adviser?

You wouldn’t venture out on an arctic expedition without an experienced guide to protect you from polar bears, no more than you would start digging the foundations of your self-build home before engaging an architect to produce the drawings and walk you through the planning regulations.

A safe passage through a sea of confusion

You wouldn’t venture out on an arctic expedition without an experienced guide to protect you from polar bears, no more than you would start digging the foundations of your self-build home before engaging an architect to produce the drawings and walk you through the planning regulations.

The same should apply when making weighty decisions about your finances.

Financial Advisers worth their salt have the specialist knowledge and experience to navigate you safely through the sea of financial products and providers, while steering you clear of the sharks.

When it comes to retirement planning and pensions, equity release and investment advice, if you work with a Financial Advisor on your long term investment strategy at the beginning of your wealth management journey, you could save thousands of pounds, that will be time and money well spent.

How To Choose A Financial Adviser?

A full time professional Financial Advisor will have gathered a significant amount of knowledge, experience and qualifications over decades of working in the financial services industry. Always ask about their qualifications and training when you meet them.

Financial Advisers, once qualified, need to continue proving their ability to give advice by keeping abreast of market developments, investment opportunities, tax changes, and financial law.

Probably the biggest benefit of working with a fully qualified, experienced adviser, is the peace of mind it will give you, knowing that your financial adviser has your back when it comes to managing your wealth.

Who needs Financial Advice?

Good financial planning and advice is essential for anyone who has financial decisions to make.  Whether you’re planning for the long term or the short term, whether you need money now or for the future, have a personal pension, own your own home or have money to save and invest.

Very few people feel confident when it comes to making decisions about where to invest or borrow money, because people are afraid of making costly mistakes that they may regret their whole life long.

A conversation with a qualified and experienced financial advisor sooner rather than later can set you on a course for financial wealth, while saving you time and money.  Now is always the right time to make a start.

It’s important to feel confident that you’re going to get good financial advice, so when choosing to work with a Financial Adviser, make sure they are legitimate.  Check first that they belong to a group of certified financial planners and are regulated by the financial conduct authority, so you can rest assured that the advice you receive will be sound.

What Will A Financial Adviser Want To Know About Me?

The first thing a Financial Advisor will want to do when meeting you is to conduct a Fact Find so they can understand your financial situation.

They’ll want to hear about your future financial goals and dreams, and will ask questions such as, when you plan to retire, what do you intend to do when you finish working, and how much money you think you’ll need to live on?

They’ll also want to do a financial health check, to find out how much you or you and your partner earns, what pensions you have, what property you own, whether it’s mortgaged or due for remortgage, and how much it’s worth.

They will also want to know how you feel about risk when it comes to savings and investments. So whether you prefer to stay on the safe side of risk – or have an appetite for more.  This will help them explore the type of savings and investments that would suit you best.

With their knowledge of all the different types of financial products available and the most appropriate lenders, they’ll help you choose the best vehicle for growing your money while helping you make savings on the money you borrow.

Specialist Financial Advice

Within a group of Financial Advisors, like CS Retirement Solutions, you will find financial experts and asset managers who specialise in Retirement Planning, Equity Release, Pensions Advice and Investments and Savings and can advise you on tax planning and insurance products as well.

We can also help you plan post retirement, such as helping you formalise your estate plan, which expresses how you want to be looked after if you are unable to care for yourself.

Paying for Financial Advice

Some advisers won’t charge for your first consultation so it’s well worth making an appointment to find out how they could help you and what they offer.

The adviser is obliged by law to tell you what they charge for their advice before recommending a product to you.  Some may charge an upfront fee while others receive a fee from the lender for introducing you.

Retirement Planning

The earlier you plan for your retirement the better. However it can feel daunting if you don’t know who to talk to about it. Planning your retirement with a specialist retirement adviser can help you decide how much money you will need to live on when you retire, and the type of lifestyle you would like to enjoy.

They will look at all of your financial assets, such as the pensions portfolio you’ve built up during your working life, and the best place to put it to give you the maximum benefit.

They will also work out how long you will need your money to last for and will be able to predict how much money you will have at the start, middle and end of your retirement, depending on the age you decide to retire at.

This will go hand in hand with Pensions Advice.

Pensions Advice

If you have worked for a number of organisations during your life, it’s likely that you will have built up a handful of pension pots. Getting some good pensions advice on how to manage your pots so they give you the maximum value in retirement, could prove highly beneficial.

A pensions advice expert can explain how personal pensions work, and arrange to get transfer values from your pension scheme managers to give an idea of their worth, how well they are performing and advise what you should do with them. They will explain the types of funds available for you to invest in, the associated risks and suitability for your particular situation.

They will also be able to tell you how much tax free money you will be able to take up front and how much you will be able to take as a pension each month, according to your lifestyle and needs, based on your retirement plan.

Equity Release

It is essential to get unbiased advice when it comes to equity release as this is an area where there are many different providers and schemes and your home could be at risk if you leap before you’ve done your homework in this area and spoken to a specialist Equity Release adviser.

Lifetime Mortgages are the most sensible and flexible way to release money from the value of your property. A financial adviser that specialises in equity release will be able to guide and advise you when it comes to the pros and cons of Lifetime Mortgages and how they could benefit you by giving you short and long term choices about freeing up the capital in your home.

Investments and Savings

Not many people feel confident about investing in shares on the stock market.  Going it alone and buying direct from a broker without taking advice could prove extremely risky.  It’s a much better idea to pay for advice from a savings and investment expert.

An Asset Manager looks after investment funds on behalf of their clients. A professional investments and savings adviser will be keen to work with you on your long term investment strategy to help you make the most suitable investments for you and what you can afford.

They will also guide you around the various savings products available on the market today and help you choose those that are the most appropriate for you to save your money.

We are always available to provide advice and guidance on all aspects of wealth management for your life.


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